07-09-2017 Valley of the Sun SPJ Meeting Minutes

SPJ Minutes – 7/9/17 
10:17 – A few name corrections to May 21 
·      Mark’s new job title corrected to communications manager at the AZ 
Commerce Authority 
·      Jessica Boehm at AZ Rep. àcorrected the spelling of her last name 
10:20 – Silver Key Awards 
·      We’re committed to three awards because how orders are filled for 
·      Possible winners à Pat Flannery, Phil Boas, Phil Alvidrez, Ted Simons, 
Bobbie Jo Buel, Mike Sauceda, Jodi Manuel (Deb is double checking how long she’s 
been around) 
·      In the future, consider possibly changing some of the rules around Silver 
Key to be more inclusive. But that’s for later 
·      Should we see about Horizon doing a segment on Silver Key awards? 
10:56 – Report signed 
·      We’re official with national 
10:57 – September event “PR Meets the Press” Summit 
·      Date Sept. 16 at the Barrett Honor’s College 
·      Mark is getting names of journalists who will be there 
·      Registration is opening this week and the cost will be the same as last 
·      Scott Davis will be back as moderator 
·      Consider having a respected PR person on the panel 
·      The summit is on track – Mark has all the details 
11:07 – Fake News Panel 
·      It’s ready to go – we got our panelists 
·      Bring water, but we can’t bring anything else 
11:09 – Carrie Jung 
·      She’ll be our rep at the Coalition 
·      Mark will follow up with her on the duties 
11:11 – Budget stuff w/ EIJ 
·      EIJ in Anaheim, Sept 7-9 
·      Mark worked up a breakdown of the cost 
·      Silent Auction Basket – what do we want to put in the basket 
11:28 – News Train 
·      Intensive news training program over a weekend 
·      We’re open to co-hosting 
·      It would be in the spring 
11:30 – Holiday Party 
·      Do we go in with the other journo groups or run our own? 
o   Let’s include everybody and do it with the other groups 
·      Ideas for dates: Dec 6th or 7th? We like the week of Dec. 3th 
·      Next we have to find a venue – Sun Up? Clarendon? 
·      Do we know who is running the other groups? 
o   Tim and Mark to talk offline about this 
·      Speaking of members – how do we? Perri and Terri have the program to the 
o   Website access for Tim – contact Perri 
o   For future – set aside monies for FB post boosting 
11:46 – Make an effort to reach our members regularly 
·      Come up with a list of venues where we can hold events 
·      Do we want to send flowers to Amanda for her work at SPJ  -- a small 
thing? Plaque or something – Tim reaching out to Terri 
11:48 – Next meeting 
·      August 27, Normal Diner 10 am 
·      Talk Summit and Holiday Party 
11:54 – Meeting Adjourned  

Kaely Monahan
Chapter Secretary