05-15-2021 Valley of the Sun SPJ Chapter Board Minutes


Meeting of the Society of Professional Journalists, Valley of the Sun Pro Chapter

May 15, 2021, 9:30 a.m., via Zoom

Started: 9:45 a.m.

Attendees: Tim Eigo, Deb Krol, Mark Scarp, Teri Carnicelli, Doug MacKenzie.


  • Secretary’s report/approval of minutes from March 21, 2021 – Moved (Teri) and seconded (Doug) — unanimously approved.
  • Treasurer’s report – Teri reports our investments with Russell Life Points/Northwestern Mutual as of May 15 gained $176.13 in the past quarter, to $19,941.03. Our checking account as of the same date contained $5,204.91.
  • Annual report review – Board members discussed a procedure for reviewing the financial records for 2020-2021 before submitting our annual report. It is expected to be filed on time. The annual report is due at national HQ by May 31, 2021.
  • Mark’s Mighty Minute! – Mark retrieved from the post office box on May 13 a dues check from national HQ for $240 and sent it to Tim. Tim reported having it at today’s meeting. It is not reflected in this meeting’s Treasurer’s Report but will be in the next one, Teri said.

Old Business

  • Publicity Summit Committee – Mark presented a hybrid idea for an in-person Summit on one of three Saturdays in October 2021 with a possible afternoon Zoom component to serve those who might not want to come in person. In-person pitching could be performed outside Honors Hall in the grassy areas and patios. Board decided on an Oct. 16 date at Barrett. Panel discussion would be inside, but pitching would be outside if necessary. Tim suggested that the chapter/committee issue a clear COVID statement and make sure food is handled appropriately. Mark’s committee and the board will continue to monitor the news and information about COVID-19. Mark (m) and Teri (s) – passed unanimously.

New Business

  • Consideration of diminished-size journalism contest – Board members had looked over a message from Tim regarding a scaled-down journalism contest like one the small-size Las Vegas chapter is doing. Board members discussed how to administer it with our size board and it was agreed that it would require contest-only volunteers who might not otherwise want to be on our chapter board anyway. Tim said more research would need to be done and perhaps a decision could be made for a contest in 2022. Tim said he would reach out to other Arizona media groups to see if they would like to cooperate on events and activities, as well as more cooperation with the Cronkite School regarding events.
  • Meet the new Cronkite Dean event – Mark will look into the possibility of holding a social event to meet the new dean of the Cronkite School, Battinto Batts Jr. (We did the same in 2004 to welcome Chris Callahan.)
  • Possible public records event – We will ask Dave Cuillier to do a Zoom event on finding public records online due to COVID-related limited access.
  • SPJ seeks regional coordinator – Tim and the nominations committee is looking for a new Region 11 coordinator. Anyone who thinks they know someone should contact Tim. Tim is a member of the national Nominations Committee, which is working to find good candidates to run for national office and regional coordinator.
  • June elections and mixer – Board members discussed holding the annual elections in person at a Phoenix bar, at a good inside-outside-with-misters situation. Ocotillo in downtown Phoenix was mentioned. Board agreed to hold mixer in person but voting online. Decision must be made before newsletter goes on June 1. Date will be Wednesday, June 23.
  • Scholarship update – Discussion postponed until July meeting.
  • FOI awards – Three needed for Silver Key and Phil Alvidrez Award needs to be re-ordered. Board will vote on recipients at July meeting. Bring nominations to that meeting. Board members discussed adding an award for an up-and-coming journalist as well as our longevity-based ones. More discussion will occur on creating this award at future meetings.
  • Update from Region 11 and National – The national convention September 2-4 will be a hybrid, as originally approved and then confirmed by the national board at a May 2 meeting. It will be held in New Orleans. Deb’s term as regional coordinator ends at the New Orleans convention.

NEXT MEETING: Saturday, July 10, 2021, 10 a.m. (This was later changed to Sunday, July 18, 2021, by agreement of board members, to allow for the board to hear a report of a meeting of the Valley Publicity Summit held July 13.)

Adjourned: 11:05 a.m. (80 minutes)

Respectfully submitted,

Mark J. Scarp, Chapter Secretary