01-14-2018 Valley of the Sun SPJ Meeting Minutes

01/14/18 – SPJ Meeting Minutes


Meeting at NCounter, downtown PHX


10:21 am Opening

  • Previous minutes approved – one small correction – Teri’s name had two “r’s” which was incorrect.
  • Treasurer’s report à SPJ Holiday Party was a good turn out. We ended up ordering a bit more food because we had so many people come. So it was a success.

o   Annual 9-90 form is filed

o   Cash available à $4,528.02

o   We need to decide if we’re going to do a scholarship this year

  • And we should recruit the scholarship winners
  • Mark’s Mighty Minute

o   Missed our chance to partner with Cronkite to screen “The Post.”

  • How do we want to move forward with Cronkite – they don’t reach out to us.
  • Shall we contact Kristin Gilger and speak with her? Mark knows her. Tim can reach out to Gilger and copy Dean Chris Callahan.

o   Moving forward, we should do film stuff on our own. Kaely has connections with the screening opportunities if we ever want to do screenings. She can reach out.



10:39 Old Business

  • NewsTrain, April 6-7 at ASU Cronkite – SPJ is a sponsor

o   We don’t have to give money but they would like us to – we’re not on the hook for money. However, we are willing to give some money but we need the details first.

o   Tim will reach out to find out how much money they want and what we get in return.

o   We should inform all our members of this à we’ll do an e-blast à Tim will see if they have a press release we can share with our members


10:45 New Business

  • Carrie’s First Amendment Coalition – she submitted her first report. Tim sent us the report in the Agenda email.

o   Carrie is moving to Boston – Paige Phelps will be our new rep for them.

  • Sunshine Week (March 11-17)

o   FOIA Nuts and Bolts à Discussion by Dave Cuillier

o   We need to start promoting now

o   If we’re offering professional development we should charge a small amount

o   If we offer an hour 2, we can discuss “The Post” à FOIA in action

  • Who would we have on that panel à Dennis Wagner, Jim Small, Kris Beecher (Housing Authority) à any women or people of color?
  • Government Accountability Project event idea – Paula Pendene

o   She has various programming ideas – we should groom her for the board


  • Other programming we’re working on:

o   Covering aging population (Deb Krol) – April (later spring)

  • Reach out to Banner and aging groups, and Kathy Ritchie at KJZZ (kritchie@kjzz.org, http://kjzz.org/aging)
  • We need a working blurb on what this panel is about
  • Reporting on Alzheimer’s à Deb will create a working doc on this and get it to Tim

o   Eliminating the use of jargon in journalism (Mark Scarp) – plan for fall

  • Add reporting on vulgarities as well

o   Transborder issues (Robert Leger)


  • News round of border members à who will be next?

o   We need to start farming a pool of people

o   We’ll be voting again in June.

o   Paula Pendene

o   Colleen Sparks – Teri will reach out to her

o   Should we rotate roles as well? Bring more people in for new roles.

  • Casey McCormick – Lightfinder PR – Mark / Tim will reach out to her

o   She’s interested in getting involved with SPJ

o   She does event planning stuff and she could help with social media

  • Start determining award nominees
  • January Mixer — > at The Original Wineburger Jan 19


Meeting End – 11:39 am

Kaely Monahan, Chapter Secretary