05-11-2019 Valley of the Sun SPJ Chapter Minutes


Meeting of the Society of Professional Journalists, Valley of the Sun Pro Chapter

May 11, 2019, 10 a.m., Wildflower Bread Co., 4290 E Indian School Rd., Phoenix, AZ 85018

Members present: Tim Eigo, Deb Krol, Teri Carnicelli, Mark Scarp, Robert Leger

Opening – started 10:15 am

  • Secretary’s report and approval of minutes from March 10, 2019: Motion by Mark S., second by Teri C., motion passed
  • Treasurer’s report: Teri leaves July. She’s looking for a replacement.
  • Tim E. to contact Linda or Christine at SPJ National to make sure dues checks come to me, not P.O. box
  • Mark paid for the P.O. box renewal
  • We have seen a modest gain in our investment fund, but Teri has not heard back from Rick on our investment portfolio
  • Teri suggested that the chapter pat Tim E.’s complete expenses form the Regional meeting in Las Vegas. Motion by Robert, second by Mark, motion passed unanimously
  • Teri will set up mint.com (or another site) to allow Deb K. as Regional Director to log in to see our chapter account
  • Teri completed the SPJ-required chapter treasurer training. In addition, starting in June the treasurer is required to do monthly reporting – even though we only meet bimonthly. She and Deb will figure out the Regional Director’s reporting requirements.
  • Teri provided a copy of the annual treasurer’s report, which must be reviewed by three others who are not officers. Mark and Robert immediately reviewed and signed off. Tim then shared it with chapter member Ryan Boyd, who performed his review that week. The treasurer’s report, along with the required elements, was uploaded by Tim to SPJ in advance of the annual due date of May 24.
  • Teri will develop a set of guidelines for the next treasurer.

Old Business

  • SPJ Region 11 conference, Las Vegas, March 30, 2019, was discussed.
  • The board discussed the possibility of an educational program on covering natural disasters. It could feature various State of Arizona speakers and Fernando Santos, author of The Fire Line, and Deb could moderate. It was noted there are new guidelines to follow. We could ask Heather Dunn if it could be held at the Cronkite School.
  • Chapter e-newsletter launched in December – content ideas welcome
  • When Teri leaves, someone has to draft and manage the e-blasts. Currently, Mark posts to the web and Tim or Mark post to Facebook and Twitter. Could we consider asking Paula Pedene or an officer, or maybe another member?

New Business

  • Publicity Summit planning update
  • By email on June 19, 2019, the board approved Mark Scarp’s request to incur expenses for the 2019 Summit not to exceed $1,500. (Our expenses for 2018 were $1,381 and for 2017 they were $1,290, so $1,500 will be more than enough.) As context, the chapter cleared about $3,200 after expenses in each of those years.
  • The Summit planning committee will meet for the first time this year on Thursday. The event will be on Sept. 14 at Barrett. There will be more room for pitching sessions and a better ability to hear. The committee is considering new ideas on how to seat people – the board suggested these improvements should be noted in the event marketing. The committee is seeking ideas for panelists. And KTAR (through PRSA in late April) and CH 3 (in March) and 5 had mini-summits using our same concept.
  • Treasurer transition/procedures manual were discussed.
  • Paige Phelps is leaving Phoenix, and so we need a new First Amendment Coalition representative.
  • Date for June elections: Thursday, June 20 (day before Summer Solstice). Tim wil contact the leaders of the affiliated journalism organizations to ask them to share the news and invite their members. The board discussed possible locations, including Helton Brewing (ultimately selected), Phoenix City Grille and Ocotillo.
  • The board discussed who would represent the chapter at the EIJ in San Antonio, Sept. 5-7, 2019: Tim and Robert as Delegates. Deb will also attend (and serve as an Alternate Delegate), and she has a stipend. Teri would register Robert, and Tim will register himself.
  • Scholarship Update: Send it out early fall (inform J schools, and develop list of J schools + GCU), decide by November, give at Christmas party. Previous question: (“How can storytelling still be the prime objective of journalists even in an era of rapid technological change?”).
  • FOI Awards (determine honorees by mid-July, awarded in late September)
    • Considered for Silver Keys (need three): Steve Benson (formerly AZ Republic), Elvia Diaz (AZ Republic), Bill Orovan (Echo Magazine), Tony Davis (AZ Daily Star), Jimmy Jenkins (KJZZ). Selected: Benson, Diaz, Orovan
    • Phil Alvidrez Award: Craig Harris (AZ Republic), John D’Anna (AZ Republic). Selected: Harris
  • Update from Region 11 and National – Deb Krol
  • The board discussed recent EIJ (and the “tracks” sponsored by affiliated journalism organizations) and the SPJ CMS (which is dated). Deb said SPJ is looking at architecture that could allow automatic renewals. Deb also said she’d like to see an EIJ panel on how federal courts operate. The LA chapter offered a useful session on opening courts/court records.
  • Networking/event ideas: At annual meeting/elections and other gatherings, we can offer a list of possible event topics, and attendees can check what they’d prefer to attend.

ADJOURNED 12:10 pm

NEXT MEETING: Saturday, July 13, 2019