08-27-2017 Valley of the Sun Meeting Minutes


SPJ Minutes – Aug. 27 2017


10:08 – Start of the meeting



  • Secretary’s Report
    • Old minutes – recap with Terri
    • No treasury report from July 9 meeting
  • Treasurer’s Report
    • We’re a bit down due to lots of outgoing monies
    • Some money is coming in from Publicity Summit
    • Overall we are in good shape.
    • $4,567.04 total cash available.
    • Terri has the full treasurer report.
  • Mark’s Minute
    • Publicity Summit – Panel Discussion Opening includes 9 people from across the mediums
    • Mark has a full sheet with all the details
    • We will be heavily broadcast focused
      • PR is wanting to pitch to TV
    • Valley Pub Sum. – Sales Report – Mark has full sheet
    • Net Sales: $2,023.00
    • No sponsorships right now.

10:34 – Old Business Updates

  • FOI Awards
    • Silver Keys – Pat Flannery, Mike Sauceda, Joe Adams (posthumous and pending)
    • Phil Alvidrez – Bobbie Jo Buel, Arizona Daily Star
  • First Amendment Coalition – Carrie Jung, KJZZ, is our new (2017-18) chapter representative (Mark Scarp)
  • Fake News panel – done. Success!
  • Holiday Party Date – Dec 5, 6, or 7th à whichever works for our venue. Possibly the Clarendon. Kaely has the request out to see if they can accommodate us at a discount price
    • Other media groups – are invited but won’t be co-sponsors
    • Other potential venues – places that are a bit bigger than Half Moon Windy City (from last year). Southern Rail (Terri will check), Bently (Mark), BeCause, Chambers, Newton, DeSoto
    • For event space — $500 or less

10:50 – New Business

  • SPJ/EIJ17 in Anaheim, Sept. 7-9, 2017
    • Donated basket to Legal Defense Silent and live Auction to be delivered by Robert Leger
    • Discussion of proposed SPJ governance changes/bylaws à We approve the changes
      • Should we start a conversation via our website, Facebook, Twitter à say we support it and get it in front the other chapters so they can comment and start the dialogue
    • SPJ national needs to be updated with who’s on our board
    • Tim, Mark will be our delegates à Deb will be our alternate
  • Possible Fall/Spring Education Programming
    • Halloween Mixer + Resume Update – Come as your favorite journalist à date in October – Terri and Deb will pick a date (first two weeks of Oct. ?)
    • Aging in an active population – get Deb on that.
      • Kathy Ritchie at KJZZ is doing a 10 part series on aging for the station. She should be involved. (kritchie@kjzz.org)
    • Transborder Issues – April/May – Robert is taking the lead
    • FOIA Nuts and Bolts – March 2018 – during Sunshine Week?
      • Dave Coolier
      • At Cronkite?
  • We should come up a with a list of venues for our events. A lot of PR people are members.
    • Tempe Center for the Arts
    • Tempe Library


11:31 – Meeting ends

Tim Eigo recorded minutes of the meeting in place of the absent Kaely Monahan.