11-12-2017 Valley of the Sun SPJ Meeting Minutes

SPJ Minutes – November 12, 2017


Opening – 11:44 am

Sans Robert

  • Secretary’s report and approval of minutes from 8/27/17
  • One correction to last minutes — > Dave Cuilllier (name was misspelled)
  • Minutes approved
  • Treasurer’s report
  • No official report at this time. Will be out 11/13/17
  • Current balance: $5,014.58
  • To be deposited: $70.02 check received for member chapter renewals. Tim passed on to Terri.
  • Mark’s Mighty Minute!
  • The Progress Sculpture will be going into a park in Scottsdale. City is covering costs. We can decide to pitch in money if they require it.


Old Business/Updates – 11:55 am

  • Final report on 2017 Publicity Summit – data, survey results, final revenue and expenses. Mark handed out a sheet with everything itemized.
  • New this year we gave dinner to the committee and gave a gift to the dean
  • Net Proceeds as of 9/17/17 $3193.02
  • Attendance went down this year
  • Comments – Mark made a sheet from survey results

o   Overall people were satisfied and people found the information very or extremely useful

o   People didn’t like the space or sound – some people felt we needed even more space and we need microphones, and more trash cans

o   Next year we should look into reaching out to the other “5 families”

  • Update from Carrie Jung, our liaison to the First Amendment Coalition regarding the

meeting on Sept. 14, 2017: (Notes from Carrie, via Tim)

  • There wasn’t too much pressing news that came out of the FAC meeting.
  • The ABA discussed their efforts to reserve more translator signals in western states.

Right now T-Mobile has acquired quite a few of them for their internet signals, but the

ABA believes there needs to be some restrictions on which signals should be

reserved for translators in states with one media market.

  • The First Amendment Hotline was relatively quiet. Dan Barr says rather than getting

attorneys to write letters to uncooperative agencies many news outlets are resorting

to public shaming.

  • There are reports of student journalists getting ignored or just given the runaround by

Scottsdale PD and other PIOs.

  • The execution drugs/process lawsuit was discussed. Attorney David Bodney said

Judge Snow made it clear that he’s not happy with the restricted manner that the

public is allowed to see the injection. What remains to be seen and they have less

insight on is how he feels about how much the public can learn about the executioner

and the drugs used.

  • The next meeting will be November 16 at noon.


  • SPJ awards given at ANA conference:
  • Silver Keys – Pat Flannery, Mike Sauceda, Joe Adams (posthumous)
  • Phil Alvidrez – Bobbie Jo Buel, Arizona Daily Star
  • By January 2018, we should start coming up with a shortlist of award winners


  • Follow-up to SPJ/EIJ17 in Anaheim, Sept. 7-9, 2017
  • SPJ governance changes/bylaws – the stuff we voted for passed


  • October mixer at Fez on Central. Mixers will begin again in 2018.
  • Mediocre turn out – about 10 people showed. Not terrible for a first go.
  • We’re planning to make these a regular monthly thing in 2018 – no pressure to buy food or drinks for people, but a way to let journalists know we’re around and can network
  • We’ll make them the 2nd Friday of every month. So, Jan. 12 – Palomar Pool Bar, Feb. 9 – State Forty Eight Brewery, March 9 – Westgate, April 13

o   Ask Perri to make a postcard with those dates and ask about Holiday Party email graphic

New Business – 12:38 pm

  • Holiday party to be held at Bliss/Rebar on Tuesday, December 5, beginning at 5:30 pm  (Kaely Monahan)
  • Facebook event page is up. Tweeted about.
  • Get postcards to send to news bureaus – Kaely and Mark
  • Door prizes?? Terri will see what we have
  • Table signs à Terri can print them from work


  • Possible spring educational programming:
  • Eliminating the use of jargon in journalism (Mark Scarp)

o   Mark has some copy that we can send out

o   Audience: journalists and public

o   Possible end of January / February? (Waiting to hear from Deb about her people)


  • Covering the aging population (Deb Krol)

o   Panelists working out a date and location

o   Once date and place figured out, then reach out to KJZZ’s Kathie Ritchie (ktritichie@kjzz.org), (http://kjzz.org/aging)

o   Audience target – journalists and members of the public

o   Deb will write copy about what the program is


  • Transborder issues (Robert Leger)

o   Maybe January?


  • FOIA Nuts and Bolts, possibly on Sunshine Week (March 11-17, 2018), with discussion by Dave Cuillier (Tim Eigo)


News Train in April 6-7, 2018

  • We agreed to co-sponsor


Next meeting January, Sunday 14th, 2018, Normal Diner, 10 am


End – 1:07 pm