05-21-2017 Valley of the Sun SPJ Meeting Minutes

SPJ May 21, 2017





10:10: Summary of last meeting minutes

  • Mark led
  • March 5 – again of $261.48
  • Silver Key Awards in process
  • Student workshop is up in the air
  • Suggested future programing
  • Lynn Walsh on Meet the Press
  • Member recruitment ideas discussed
  • Thank you dinner in June – maybe June 21 – Wednesday



Terri treasury notes

  • Tim got his check for reimbursement for San Diego
  • We are up in our investment
  • Cash available: $6,102.90
  • Regional fund closed because Wells Fargo was going to start charging for the account
    • Do we have plans for our investment money? Something to be discussed at future point when everyone is here
  • Should we push National to come back here and do events?
    • We’ll revisit



Mark’s minute

  • Mark has a new job as communications manager at the AZ chamber of commerce



Old Business

Regional Conference Recap

  • Good experience for all overall
  • Journalism revivalism meeting! J

Scholarship Update

  • We have 3
  • Should we raise the award to $1000 in the future? Or should we give our winner the $1000 now?
  • We voted to give him $1000 instead of $500. Motion carried 5-1, 5 yays, 1 nay

FOI Awards Silver Keys – need our picks by July

  • Amy Silverman
  • Phil Alvidrez? Bobbie Jo Buel, AZ Daily Star
  • We need two more names – Maybe Steve Goldstein at KJZZ News?
  • Should we email the old winners who they think we should nominate?

First Amendment Coalition

  • Mark is ready to step down from the SPJ Coalition Board
  • We need to find someone to take his place – Mark asked Jessica Bane at AZ Rep. Possibly Carrie Jung from KJZZ.
  • The number of calls for help have been declining over the years


New Business 10:50

  • Program Ideas to get member recruitment
    • Deb is attending a conference on geriatrics and aging – opportunity for journalists to learn how to cover older Americans’ issues – Beginning of Nov.
      • Bring AARP or someone to sponsor?
      • Do this in October ?
    • Learn how to file a FOI Request – Fall
    • Programs that are beat focused – get these beat journalists to talk about their beat, and then let them get real and discuss the realities of being said journalist
    • Transborder Issues – either fall or January?
      • Work with the Hispanic media, and maybe KJZZ’s Fronteras Desk or Mexico City Bureau? àContact Al Macias there
    • Data journalism – how to read government data
    • Fake News – July — Library Downtown — what is it? How to fight it. How do we counter the perception that main stream is a liberal resource? How do you avoid fake news as a consumer
    • Opioid crisis – Fall — media doesn’t understand what’s going on with it all – so how can we better understand the crisis and do better reporting on it.
    • Journey from News Room to Corporate Communication – “Life After Journalism”
  • Publicity Summit – September 16 – no increase in price



Annual Reporter passed to Tim, then Mark, then Amanda


Date for June Elections — June 21, 5:30-7:30, SunUp on 3rd St. & Camelback


11:55 Meeting adjourned

Kaely Monahan, Chapter Secretary