AZ Highways joins fight to save state parks

Arizona Highways magazine and Arizona State Parks, two iconic state-owned institutions, have created a unique partnership to support each other and survive the impact of the state’s funding crisis. Both self-funded organizations are vital to the state’s tourism industry, yet subject to fund sweeps, cuts and closures.  Through a very simple subscription drive benefiting State Parks statewide, Arizona Highways magazine hopes to help keep parks open through the pages of its magazine.
Throughout the next year, for every $24 subscription (12 issues) to Arizona Highways magazine, $5 will benefit Arizona State Parks via the State Parks Foundation—a nonprofit group that advocates for the entire Arizona State Park system.  At the time of subscribing, people can choose which park their $5 will support.

The magazine’s stunning photography of landscapes along with the compelling natural and historical stories draw people to Arizona, and the agencies are challenging every Arizonan to assist in this quest.  The goal is to encourage Arizona residents and businesses to subscribe to the magazine and to use subscriptions as gifts for employees and family members who live in other states and countries.

“A significant benefit of this program is that the funds are not subject to reduction or redirection by the state legislature because the money goes directly to the Arizona State Parks Foundation,” said Win Holden, publisher of Arizona Highways magazine. “So you can be confident that every dollar will go to support our State Parks.”

To subscribe and support State Parks, visit or and click on the “Save our Parks” icon. Be sure to use the special promotion code you’ll find on the website. Each year you renew your subscription, $5 will go toward State Parks, as well. If you are a current subscriber, the term of your subscription will be extended by one year and when you pay for that extension, a $5 contribution will be made to the Arizona State Parks Foundation.