Phoenix Business Journal, parent company report growth

At a time when many newspapers are reporting record losses, the Phoenix Business Journal says it is bucking that trend. Its parent company, the American City Business Journals group, says its papers gained in paid circulation by 3.85 percent between 2005 and 2009, while daily newspapers in those same markets lost 18.81 percent in the same years. From 2007 to 2009 alone, the ACBJ circulation growth totaled 2.7 percent.

Nationally, ACBJ readers spend an average of 50 minutes reading their local business journal each week, according to media audits.

And through 2009, about 175,000 business leaders have attended business journal events across the country.ACBJ newspapers reach 4 million readers each week with in-depth coverage of their business communities. ACBJ cites recent research as evidence of the sweet spot it occupies in the media: 83% of all business news is local. Further, the company attributes it commitment to exclusive, top-quality journalism as vital to its success.

For more information, read the four-page wrapper the Phoenix Business Journal published to highlight its growth and vitality. The wrapper inludes statisitcs and testimonials from local readers detailing the niche the Phoenix Business Journal fills in our community.

Business journals share success stories in four-page wrap (Phoenix Business Journal)