New edition of Reporter’s Media Law Handbook

d78b477fde1ad3e4136884a8455f42577bea7d76-thumbYour Valley of the Sun SPJ chapter is a proud founding member of the First Amendment Coalition of Arizona, for which the 7th edition of the Arizona Reporter’s Handbook on Media Law has just been published — and now can be downloaded free. The coalition, which consists of several media organizations and open-government advocates  is represented by the Phoenix law firm of Perkins Coie, L.L.P. Partner Dan Barr, counsel to the coalition, is the Handbook’s principal author and editor. Every professional and student journalist who covers Arizona news should have one. We’re grateful to Dan and his colleagues for producing such a valuable resource.

Learn about changes to rules regarding cameras, mobile devices in state courtrooms from free presentation Jan. 23 in Tucson

fac_logo1Your Valley of the Sun SPJ chapter is a proud founding member of the First Amendment Coalition of Arizona. The coalition is sponsoring a free presentation at the University of Arizona in Tucson on Friday morning, Jan. 23, on changes to laws regarding the use of cameras and mobile devices in Arizona state courtrooms. Click here for details!

Another court victory for metadata

A case before the Washington (state) Supreme Court cited — and agreed with — the Arizona Supreme Court’s decision in Lake v. City of Phoenix. The First Amendment Coalition of Arizona (of which our chapter is a member) voted last year to spend more than $8,000 for Dan Barr and his staff’s cost to prepare the appellate argument before our state’s highest court.

Last week (Oct. 7) in O’Neill v. City of Shoreline, the Washington Supreme Court agreed with Arizona’s that metadata is an inextricable part of a public record and must be disclosed if it exists.

For anyone with legal inclinations, the decision is available at

(Info courtesy of Mark Scarp)