Jan. 12, 2009 Meeting Minutes

Present: Geri Koeppel, Mark Scarp, Noelle Bowman, Teri Carnicelli, Rene Gutel, Verina Martin, Nicole Beyer, Matt Bunk and Deb Krol.

I. CALL TO ORDER: VOS President Teri Carnicelli called the meeting to order at 6:40 p.m.

II. APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Mark moved to accept the November 2008 minutes; Nicole seconded. Motion passed.

III. TREASURER’S REPORT: Nicole reported that the investment portfolio has decreased in value again. It’s beginning to creep back up but the Franklin account is likely worse. Mark asked if we should take funds from the account but everybody said no.

IV. ANNOUNCEMENTS: Amanda Keim is donating gifts for the conference silent auction from the Newseum. An amicus brief supporting the Adams County Historical Society’s effort to obtain death records has been filed by SPJ.

a. Ellen Bilbrey of Arizona State Parks sent in an announcement for the 150th anniversary of Arizona journalism in Tubac, where the original press that produced the original Arizona Republican is houses. Mark volunteered to go down to Tubac for the celebration and to print out papers for gifts for the Region XI conference.

Tour de FOI: Mark reported that Darrell Purcell and Brian Weidemeier from Bullhead City are hosting a panel to discuss the recent sex scandal in city government on February 21. This will include citizens, government officials, and “gadflies.” Teri brought calculator pen sets for the speakers.

b. First Amendment Coalition: Amanda Keim from the Tribune is the new member.

c. FAC Report: There are changes to Rule 122 of court records law. This rule in regards to the current rule which requires a judge to explain why he or she won’t allow a camera into a courtroom. This is not good news. Teri said we should consider a panel on this. Rene said that one judge threatened to fine one station over showing a juror’s face.

d. Sports photos: It wasn’t discussed but is still an issue.

e. Also, the Phoenix Police Dept. decided not to give out DOB of suspects. The Republic got information from other personal sources. The legislators are quite upset.

f. Mark was elected treasurer of the FAC.

g. VOS 50th anniversary: was a big success. About 70 people showed, including Lloyd Clark [Teri hired a driver to get the Clarks to the event]. Mark said that we need to ask Lloyd to create an endowment for the Lloyd Clark award.


a. After Deadline: Noelle wants to focus more on outreach to members this year. She suggested joining forces with Media Buzz, since she doesn’t have the time to do both member outreach and A.D.

b. Newsmaker event: Discussion focused around Dan Gillmor.

i. Speakers: give Teri speaker ideas. Verina knows somebody at the Cardinals and might be able to schedule the person after the season is over.

c. Leaving Journalism Panel: It hasn’t happened. Rene is going to the inauguration and hasn’t been able to plan anything. Discussion ensued over what exactly the panel was going to be, getting out of journalism altogether or alternative journalism paths? Rene said the idea is to show other avenues that can use journalistic skills. More speakers, including James Garcia, Beverly Butler Damon, Kara Ritter and others were discussed.


a. Conference: publicity brochure is being developed and will be electronic. Will be sent via Web and email the week of Feb. 8.

i. Proposed sked: final decisions to be made on Jan. 21. Kristin Gilger is inviting panelists.

ii. Hotel: Clarendon matched other rates of $129. We want to push the hotel blocks. Also, the reception will be at Clarendon at a cost of $23 per person.

iii. Early bird deadline, after deadline, walk-in rates were discussed. The consensus is to keep rates as low as possible.

iv. Banquet: Teri wants to give as much time as possible to get people to the banquet. Mark suggested separating banquet program from conference program. ASU will pay for printing the conference program so all VOS will have to pay for is banquet program. Geri as usual negotiated an outstanding deal. The banquet is a separately-ticketed event. The banquet brochure goes out Feb. 1.

v. Catering: estimated costs for the weekend are about $5,100 excluding the reception.

vi. T-shirts: we have about 30 left to sell.

vii. Auction: Rene has done an awesome job obtaining prizes. If you have ideas or prizes to donate, contact Rene.

viii. Sonya will be comp’ed on a 50/50 basis to help defray her expenses.

ix. Awards: Matt has been meeting with the judges. Mark stressed that the winners need to be notified as soon as possible to sell tickets.

1. Silver Key and Phil Alvidrez awards were discussed.

x. Website—the board discussed redoing the Web site and re-starting the newsletter. Rene asked about a blog similar to Valley PR Blog. Mark suggested creating a new media committee—Rene, Verina, Ruthann and Tiffany—to report back about Web 2.0 initiatives.

xi. First Amendment dues: Mark said we didn’t pay our 2008 dues, which are $500. Nicole said she wrote the check but Mark said it was probably for 2007 dues. We should get it paid up now and then work toward getting the 2009 dues during 2009, he said.


a. The meeting was adjourned at 8 p.m.