2017 Scholarship

Valley of the Sun SPJ Offers $500 Scholarship, To Be Presented in May 2017 (date TBD):

The Valley of the Sun Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) offers a $500 scholarship for the fall term beginning August 2017. The scholarship is open to all community college and university students in Arizona, studying journalism, mass communications or a related field.

Applicants must provide a cover letter (no more than two pages), detailing the student’s current school enrollment, area of interest in the field (broadcast, print, online, etc.), what career path he/she would like to pursue after graduation, and what personal goals he/she would like to achieve as a professional journalist.

In addition, all applicants should submit an essay, between 300 and 500 words, discussing the following topic:

The SPJ Code of Ethics touches on several specific areas, including the gathering and reporting of news, as well as ethical behavior when dealing with sources. In an era where the rise of “fake news” is eroding the public’s confidence in the media, it is more important than ever for legitimate journalists to be mindful of SPJ’s Code of Ethics, specifically, that they should “Take responsibility for the accuracy of their work. Verify information before releasing it. Remember that neither speed nor format excuses inaccuracy.”

Bearing this in mind, what do you think is a journalist’s greatest responsibility in combating the prevalence of “fake news” and helping to restore the public’s trust in the American media?

Deadline for submission: Must be received by Friday, March 31.

Mail To: Teri Carnicelli
North Central News/SPJ
4620 N. 16th St., Ste. D-107
Phoenix, AZ 85016

602-277-2742 (work)
602-410-1267 (cell)

For questions or to e-mail your application, contact Teri Carnicelli at teri@phoenixspj.org.